On-going projects

Uncovering how links between social and spatial interactions affect ecological processes

Post-doctoral Researcher

University of Tel Aviv, University of California, L.A.

PI: Orr Spiegel, Noa Pinter-Wollman

This project aims to integrate social and spatial processes that impact animal’s resource utilisation and uncover their population level implications. Specifically, I am currently working on how spatial and social dynamics develop during the lifetimes of individuals and their fitness implications.

Project funded by the BSF-NSF

Consequences of early-life conditions on first-year migratory decisions of a partially migratory species

Principal Investigator

co-PI: Inês Catry

In this project, we aim to understand to what extent early-life conditions, during the pre-fledging period, impact juveniles physiological and health profiles and ultimately shape their migratory strategy.

Project funded by the British Ecological Society

Past research experience